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State HQ : A-963/12, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

AIRBSNLEWA UP(E) Circle recommends all members to wear masks in public.
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AIRBSNLEWA UP(E) Circle recommends all members to wear masks in public.
Maintain social distancing.
Stay safe. Stay healthy.


updated on 08 August, 2022


A Central Working Committee meeting of the AIRBNSLEWA was held at 10.30 hours on 6.8.2022 & 7.8.2022 at Hotel SPB 87, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

Meeting commenced after hoisting the Flag of Association by Com. Kishan Singh, CHQ President & Com. Prahlad Rai, G.S., in the presence of all other CHQ office bearers, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries, CWC Members.

Com. K Jai Ram, AGS CHQ welcomed all the participants and invited President Com. Kishan Singh, Com. Prahlad Rai General Secretary, Com. A K Jain, Financial Secretary Com. Ravindran V.P. and Com. Manas Roy, V.P. to the Dias.

Com. Kishan Singh, President in his opening remarks**,** welcomed all the CHQ office bearers, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries and CWC members and briefed about the formation of AIRBSNLEWA and also on various activities of the association. He also mentioned that lot of work is yet to be done by the Association, specially for the settlement of the issues like pension revision, CGHS facilities and medical re-imbursement, etc.

In his address he mentioned that, it gives him immense pleasure in welcoming all the participants in the 1st CWC meeting at New Delhi and that too at the age of 60+ years the presence in large numbers shows the keen interest of the participants and unity for the association.

In brief he mentioned that after his retirement in May 2007, he started contacting his retired office colleagues just to remain in touch with each other. Firstly 5-6 colleagues started to meet monthly at BSNL Corporate Office. After few months many other retired executives also started to join them. The number of participants in the monthly meetings were increased every month. Up to September 2009 the number of members became around 50. Then they thought to make a platform so that they may take up the issues of pensioners like medical and telephone bill reimbursement, pension revision, etc with the DoT and BSNL management.

For the said purpose they then approached Com. Prahlad Rai, the then GS of AIBSNLEA, for support and guidance for formation of an association of retired executives. He suggested to form it on all India basis. He also arranged a meeting of all retired executives in our contact on 10th March 2010 in Corporate Office Meeting Hall. This meeting was attended by more than 70 retired executives. Com. Prahlad Rai and Com. SS Nanda addressed the house and assured us to give full support to new association being formed.

Immediately an Adhoc Body was formed in which he was elected as GS, Shri ML Sharma as President and Shri KN Mehra as Financial secretary.

Com. Prahlad Rai helped us in framing rules and regulations of association and its registration. In October 2010 documents for registration were submitted in Registrar Office and association was registered on 11th November 2010 by the name AIRBSNLEWA.

First AIC of association was held in Nashik along with 3rd AIC of AIBSNLEA with the help and support of Com. Prahlad Rai sincerely. 2nd& 3rd AICs were also held at Mysuru and Vijaywada with the active support of Com. Prahlad Rai. Up to 3rd AIC there were 8 Circle Bodies namely Delhi, UP (E), WB, Rajasthan, Kerela, TN, AP and KTK. In 3rd AIC at Vijaywada Com. Prahlad Rai was elected as GS, myself as President and Shri AK Jain as FS unanimously along with other CHQ Office bearers.

With the restless and sincere efforts of Com. Prahlad Rai now there are 25 Circle Bodies of AIRBSNLEWA.

He further mentioned that presently pensioners’ issues are pension revision, medical bill reimbursement, telephone bill reimbursement (for pensioners residing in Delhi and Mumbai MTNL areas). Com. Prahlad Rai is trying continuously for the last 5 years by writing letters and meeting personally with the Hon. MoC & IT, Hon. M.Ps, Secretary (T), Member (F), Member (S) in DOT, DOP & PW, Ministry of Finance etc. There is one more issue of CGHS Wellness Centres and denial for cashless treatment by empanelled hospitals.

He also mentioned that further, Com. GS will highlight his sincere efforts he has made on all the issues and further course of action to be taken by CHQ. He extended thanks to all Comrades for listening to him peacefully.

CWC Observed two minutes silence in the memory of the departed soul of Late Comrades Amit Gupta ji Dy. G.S., Darbara Singh, CS Hariyana and other departed comrades.

After self-introduction, All the circle secretaries submitted the report on the activities of the respective Circles along with the membership status, issued settled at Circle Level, Issues pending at CHQ level and requested the CHQ to vigorously pursue the pending issues with the DoT / BSNL on top priority.

During the CWC, the senior officers from BSNL Corporate office, General Secretaries of other working / pensioners association of MTNL and Advocate dealing with the Court cases of the Association were attended on invitation.

We welcomed Hon. Chief Guest Shri Saurabh Tyagi, Sr. GM (Estt.), Guest of Honour Shri S.N. Gupta, GM (Pers) BSNL Corporate office, Com. AK Kaushik, GS MTNL RTOWA, Com. K R Yadav, GS TEAM, MTNL New Delhi. Ms. Gauri Puri madam, Advocate for the AIRBSNLEWA by garlanding.

Com Kishan Singh President & Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary welcomed the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour and other Special Guest for honouring our request and attending the meeting despite of their busy schedule.

Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary welcomed all the dignitaries on the dias. He mentioned that due to Covid-19 physical meeting could not be held during last 3 years. Now, since the AIC is to be conducted, holding of CWC was essential to decide the AIC. He mentioned that the burning issues for the BSNL pensioners are Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners who are waiting for their pension revision w.e.f. 1.1.2017. He stated that for the last three and half years, medical bills of BSNL pensioners are not settled and the medical claims of the working staff is being settled on monthly basis. Pensioners are submitting the medical bills offline and working staff is submitting it online. The issue is pending for want of funds from the BSNL Corporate office. There are two important things for the pensioners like pension revision and medical facilities. Both these issues are pending for the BSNL pensioners. The pension revision is not being done due to the reason that the pay revision of the working staff is not revised. We have been time and again insisting that the BSNL pensioners are having no role in the profit of the BSNL and anomaly if, any arising out of the Pension revision can be settled by giving notional fixation to such affected cases.

GS informed that Shri Tyagi Sir is very kind enough to settle whatever grievances are brought to his notice and settled the same very well within the shortest possible time. Shri Tyagi sir were pleading with the DoT for the BSNL Pensioners and explained that there shall be anomaly in every case at every pay / pension revision and anomaly committee can be formed and such anomaly issues can be settled by the committees.

GS mentioned that it is the administrative ministry to suggest the formula to settle the anomaly to the DoP&T, but no such formula has been made by the DoT. An administrative decision was taken by the then Secretary DoT which have compelled us to approach the court of law and based on the decision taken in the last AIC an OA has been filed in the PBCAT. However, due the Covid-19 pandemic, physical hearing could not be held and now regular hearing is likely to be commenced shortly. During our service, as per the amendment of the Pension Rules, pension contribution was paid on the maximum of the pay scale to the DoT, as against the minimum of the pay scale. Now linking the pension revision with the pay revision is not justified.

GS also mentioned that due to the loss of BSNL, there is no pay revision taken place for the working employees and there is no scope of getting it in the near future due to the financial condition of the BSNL. Hence, linking pension revision with pay revision of working employees is not justified and the same has been pleaded with Secretary Telecom and all the efforts are being taken administratively and politically by the Association, but there is no favourable result till date.

He also mentioned that all other retirement benefits like gratuity, leave encashment, etc has already been granted to the BSNL pensioners based on the 7th CPC recommendation. It was also told to the Secretary DoT that the Class IV retired from BSNL is drawing the minimum pension of Rs.3500/- as against the Rs.9000/- pension of the other Class IV employees retired from other central Govt. Unless there is political will, we cannot get the pension revision and appealed all the other pensioners associations through out the country to pursue the case through Honourable Member of Parliaments and Ministers of their areas.

He also informed that, Member (Services), DoT, CMD BSNL, Director (HR), BSNL & G.M. (Administration) could not attend the meeting due to their other urgent works and all of them have conveyed their best wishes to the CWC. GS demanded to make the online system for the pensioners for submission of medical / other claims at par with that of the working staff, so that their medical / other bills re-imbursement can be made available easily. He mentioned that in order to promote the CGHS facilities and to switch over to CGHS by the BSNL Pensioners, at many places, there is no CGHS wellness centres which is the reason many of the pensioners cannot switch over to CGHS facilities and mentioned that pensioners are being treated as step motherly treatment by the BSNL Management.

GS requested Shri Tyagi Sir and Shri Gupta Sir to pursue with the CMD BSNL to clear all the pending medical bills of BSNL pensioners and not to put the aged pensioners into trouble.

As regards the Supreme Court judgement on the 206 cases, GS mentioned that the judgement has not been implemented properly by the BSNL management and requested the BSNL management to look into the judgement and implement it in its true spirit, which the judgement delivered after fighting the case for last 30 years.

«Click here for Complete Report of GS AIRBSNLEWA for CWC»

Com. K R Yadav, GS TEAM, while addressing congratulated the AIRBSNLEWA and welcomed all the dignitaries and participants. He mentioned that the GS AIRBSNLEWA has presented the grievances very clearly and the attitude of the management is not at all fare. Unless there is a political will and the administrative ministry get convinced, the pension revision is impossible. The formula suggested by the GS AIRBSNLEWA and the multiple factor recommended by the 7th CPC needs to be implemented. He requested all the retired pensioners associations to form a co-ordination committee and go ahead with the trade union action at the BSNL corporate office / DoT Head Quarters. He requested the BSNL officers to pursue with the Ministry to increase the CGHS wellness centres as many hospitals in Delhi are not entertaining the inward patients of CGHS beneficiaries. He also mentioned that at this juncture unity is needed and unitedly we can fight till the issues are settled.

Com. A K Kaushik, GS MTNL RTOWA in his speech demanded Pension revision and better medical facilities. He mentioned that after absorption in MTNL / BSNL, the pay scale of absorbees are higher than that of the DoT officers and even after retirement also, the pension of retirees of MTNL/ BSNL pensioners is higher than that of the DoT officers. This is the reasons stating by the DoT officers to their higher level officers which is the route cause of not revising the pension. There is a mis-concept by the BSNL / DoT / Govt that these pensioners cannot fight. We have to change this mis-concept of the management and unitedly should fight on the streets, which will result in getting the issues settled. In case the ‘0’ per cent fitment is done, the pension presently drawing by the BSNL Pensioners will be less than that of the pension after revision. He mentioned that after revision of pension, the working employees pay can be upgraded notionally and fix the pension accordingly. He mentioned that the 206 judgement has been implemented by the BSNL management very wrongly and some filed contempt got benefited properly and requested the BSNL management to study the 206 supreme court judgement and implement it in its true spirit. He thanked GS AIRBSNLEWA for inviting him and giving the opportunity to address the meeting.

Ms. Gauri Puri, Advocate presented the status of the court cases on pension revision, DA arrears payment and Rule 206. She mentioned that in the case of 206 cases, wonderful judgement could get from Hon. Supreme court and unfortunately the same could not be implemented properly by the BSNL management. She mentioned that in contempt petition, the courts are not giving any direction to implement the judgement, it will only punish the culprit either by levying penalty or by imprisonment. That is the reason Supreme court has directed to approach the PBCAT to get the direction. She mentioned that the case is in the excellent bench and a favourable judgment in the case of MTNL 206 case which will impact the BSNL case also.

As regards the pension revision case is concerned, the case is in the Good bench of the Principal Chairman of the PBCAT. She mentioned that all the BSNL pensioners had opted the BSNL due to the reason that your status as Govt. servant will continue after your retirement also. Now this is the real time, you need the same to be adhered and pension revision will take place favourably. There are many number of Sr. Citizen matters in the PBCAT which is one of the reason for the delay.

She further mentioned that the DA arrears case is coming up on 14.9.2022 and the matter will be heard on 14th September 2022. Both the cases of pension revision and DA arrears are in the last stage and expecting that the cases will be settled by the judiciary in favour of the applicants.

She had replied to all the queries of the members present in the meeting.

Shri S.N. Gupta, GM (Pers) BSNL Corporate office, Guest of Honour in his address thanked the AIRBSNLEWA for inviting to the meeting. In his speech he mentioned that, out of the speech in the meeting, the seriousness of the 206 case has been understood and will take all the possible steps to resolve the issue and has assured to settle it with the best possible and requested all the senior citizens to take care of the health taking into the aspect that problems will be there one after the other and assured to look into the case favourably.

Shri Saurabh Tyagi, Sr. GM (Estt.), BSNL Corporate office, Hon. Chief Guest in his address thanked one and all for inviting him for the meeting. He mentioned that as far as the pensioners are concerned, BSNL management has tried its level best to settle the pension payment after mass VRS. The pension payment has been started as much early as possible after VRS. The sampann software is very much good. He has agreed that in the case of Medical bills, pensioners should get preference as compared to the working employees. The same needs to be made online which will help the BSNL management also to ascertain the liability of the payments. He suggested that all other grievances related to submission of certificates, nominations, etc may be discussed in the meeting and brought to his notice for its consideration and settlement.

As regards the pension revision, there was no clarity on the issue whether the pension revision will be related to pay revision or not. He mentioned that the settlement of anomaly is not the responsibility of the pensioners and the same has to be settled by the Govt. Due to the Covid Pandemic the cases could not be pursued vigorously, but, now the case has processed and it has taken the momentum and requested us to pursue the case vigorously. He mentioned that the pension revision of BSNL pensioners are fully justified and the anomalies will be settled as and when it arises. He has assured that the case of Pension revision of BSNL pensioners will be submitted to the DoT along with the methods of settlement of anomalies by the BSNL management. There is a good possibility to get the pension revision approved by the Cabinet, in case the same is proposed and submitted in details with full justification by the DoT &DoP&T. He once again re-iterated that Pension revision is fully justified to the BSNL pensioners.

As regards the Court Cases, he mentioned that the outcome of the court case is depending upon how we present the matter to the judiciary. Hence he requested to prepare well and present the case well so that the judgement can get in your favour, as the judgement is always based on the submissions by the parties.

As regards the issue of reversion of officiating JTOs at the time of retirement and pension drawn on the lower scale, Shri Tyagi Sir has mentioned that the case was filed in the court by some of the affected persons and the case has been decided in favour of BSNL.

Shri Tyagi Sir was very much kind enough to reply to all the queries raised by the participants.

Shri Kishan Singh, President expressed vote of thanks to all the Invitees and dignitaries for attending the meeting and requested that all are getting pension, hence be tension free.

GS while summing up the report of the CSs, O.Ss, AGSs and Advisors mentioned that wherever new CGHS Wellness centres are to be opened and New Director CGHS are to be posted details may be supplied by respective Circle Secretaries to CHQ for taking up the issue with the concerned.

GS also mentioned that every circle has potential to increase the membership, as there are en-number of retirees not member of any association. He also mentioned that there is no harm in taking dual membership being the retired welfare association. However, the dual office bearer ship should be avoided and the same should not be entertained.

GS assured to discuss the matter of Income Tax on the reimbursement of CGHS charges with the concerned DoT/BSNL officers and with CMD BSNL also.

GS while summing up has replied the queries raised by the Circle Secretaries and also explained the status of the issues raised by the Circle Secretaries and assured to take up all pending issues of BSNL pensioners.

General Secretary presented the Report of the General Secretary on the activities of AIRBSNLEWA. On discussion of the report para-by para, the following decisions have been taken:-

1. All the Circle Secretaries to remit the legal fund according to the strength of membership before the next AIC.

2. All the Circle Secretaries are requested to open the Website of the association and link the same with the CHQ Website.

3. It was decided to form a co-ordination committee along with MTNLRTOW at New Delhi and Mumbai. At Delhi, GS Com. Prahlad Rai and President Com Kishan Singh will co-ordinate and at Mumbai Com. A R Manani, Com. K P Nair and Com. Ramamurthy will co-ordinate with MNTLRTOW.

4. The 4th AIC will be held at Kolkata tentatively in the month of February 2023

The report was discussed para by para and the same was unanimously approved by the CWC.

Com. A K Jain, Financial Secretary submitted the status of Accounts.

A resolution was moved by Circle Secretary, West Bengal Circle and supported by CS, UP (East) Circle, CS, Kerala Circle, CS, Maharashtra Circle, CS, Rajasthan Circle, etc. appreciating the boading and lodging arrangement made by the Host Circle at New Delhi and arranging CWC meeting in a grant manner.

Vote of thanks was extended by Com A J Ram, CS AIRBSNLEWA, New Delhi Circle.

Com. Kishan Singh ji CHQ President declared closure of the CWC meeting, New Delhi at 17.00 hours by thundering the slogans AIRBSNLEWA Zindabad, BSNL Pensioners Unity Zindabad, BSNL/MTNL Pensioners Unity Zindabad, CWC Meet, Delhi Zindabad.